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Bob Maskell, Agent


This property is unique in that there are a number of underground artesian springs that provide continual water recharge to the existing fish ponds upon draw-down. An Investor may be interested in the opportunity to sell Access to Water to Oil & Gas Companies for Hydraulic Fracturing or other intensive water usage activities. These water resources could be used for other lucrative activities such as water sensitive agriculture products/greenhouses. Seller has Water Diversion License from Alberta to excavate a ditch to direct water from an adjacent road allowance to the natural ponds during spring freshet or any major precipitation events. This rare natural resource could be used to develop a man-made lake. Near the residence there is a natural artesian well that provided approx 1500 cubic meters of water/day under natural aquifer pressure. (This listing includes 4 LOTS that are listed separately as well; E4189978, E4189979, E4190065, E4190067)

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